Week 11 Rebuild


This week we started on a new prototype of our product, the Accordio solar powered radio. The accordion itself is now constructed of a more rigid material, and we are using a new flexible tape to attach its segments. The assembly has more spring and holds its own weight with ease.

IMG_2480On the new prototype, we have also run copper tape to connect our solar cells to the electronics. This week we prepared, tested and installed our radio electronics–so the radio portion of our product is now functioning.

The majority of the prototype has already been assembled. Before we put all the parts together we plan to 3D print parts to use a new volume known, and the frequency slider assembly. The slider assembly will help us translate the sliding motion of a knob to adjust the rotation frequency dial (on the electronics board).

SolidWorks modelling is underway, and we will be submitted our parts for printing shortly.


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