Updated Physical Prototype

We found that the body materials and construction are working well. For our updated physical prototype, we have added a slider to select frequency (users can use a pencil to write names of stations along it), inset the accordion so that it fits inside the case when closed, and attached fasteners that hold the radio closed when it is not charging.

Our final prototype will look very similar to this medium fidelity iteration. Next steps include mounting solar panels on the accordion and implementing the radio technology.

photo 2 photo 1


Fabrication Techniques + Materials Update

Rigid end caps (x2): thick card is bonded with glue to form a five faced box (one open side)

Accordion body: thin card is folded into flexible accordion shape, onto which photovoltaic cells are attached and wires are run

Speaker grille: opaque (potentially colourful?) acrylic with laser cut shape and sound openings

Pull tabs (control): thick card pieces that protrude from one end cap. Markings indicate volume and frequency as pulled

Power electronics: solar (photovoltaic) cells are bonded or clipped (metal fasteners?) to accordion faces, small wires run along its length

Radio electronics: speaker, battery, and PCB are mounted in the end caps with adhesive or metal fasteners